Who we are

Thulir’s Adaptive Digital Learning Solution

Impian Jaya Technologies Sdn Bhd being the creator of Malaysia’s first adaptive learning solution for Tamil Primary Schools in Malaysia (Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan Tamil) offers an easy, engaging, and effective digital learning programs for students from Year 1 to Year 6 and competitive UPSR exam.

Thulir’s Adaptive Digital Learning Solution makes use of original content, engaging and rich in animations multimedia video lessons from Malaysia’s best teachers. Thulir’s Adaptive Digital Learning Solution helps students experience enjoyable and effective learning by using the portal every day.


Technology enabled 21st Century Learning

Our main strength lies in creating high quality learning content and interactive multimedia videos in three languages ie Tamil, Bahasa Melayu and English.Offering an easy, engaging and effective learning experience, Thulir’s Adaptive Digital Learning Solution creates self-paced and personalised learning journey for individual students based on their competency, proficiency levels and capabilities which helps them learn at their own pace and suitable learning style. Thulir’s Adaptive Digital Learning Solution  enables 21st century one-to-one personalised learning experiences through new education technology such as automated marking and answering system.


Engaging Content

Engaging content creates an holistic learning experience for students through Learn, Practise, Revise and Test components. The use of technology and multimedia content makes the delivery of concepts very easy, engaging and effective. Students could easily practise and test their understanding of the concepts and level of understanding is captured by Thulir’s Adaptive Digital Learning Solution for self-analysis and also help students to improve from their drawbacks.

Revision helps students to remember and prepare for examination. Students can prepare for mid-year and final year examination through model test questions. Students also can time themselves for the test given. Overall Thulir’s Adaptive Digital Learning Solution prepares every student for a complete learning experience that integrate knowledge, creativity, assessment with in depth analysis and correction.


Individual Learning Analytics for Students

The core of Thulir’s Adaptive Digital Learning Solution personalised engine is the analytics learning profile that is built for every student. This enables us to customise the learning experience for each student based on their strength and weakness and their specific learning gaps, pace and needs. The content is tagged at the sub-micro concept level and this helps in detecting students strength and weakness.It’s easier for student to identify a mistake and strengthen the area early and systemically. The analytics is also useful for parents, teachers and headmasters to monitor students’ performance.

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